The Game

The first new track to appear from Non-Bio since Blue Horned Humanoids and I decided to pull out all the stops to make the music video memorable. This one features a plot, actors and some usage of 3D animation software which I've been recently training on.


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The video drew inspiration from a number of science fiction films of the 1980s, particularly ones directed by John Carpenter, James Cameron and Paul Verhoeven. Up until now most of my Non-Bio music videos had been quite experimental in style and structure, whereas this one is the first one to have a cohesive plot and also marked my first use of a cast of actors and purpose-made 3D animated graphics (achieved using Blender 2.6) in addition to my trademark Adobe Flash 2D imagery.

The Dysto Plc building is loosely based on a much 'loved' real location opposite East Croydon train station.


Story boards used in planning some sequences of the video.


The Cyborg began life in 2010 when I made the helmet and gun as a costume for a fancy dress ball. The outfit was refurbished and heavily modified for use in The Game.

The Cyborg's digital counterpart, created in Blender using wireframe graphics derived from online medical training software.


Some of the more demanding effects sequences of this video called for integrating both types of animation in a single shot; such as here, where 2D lighting is drawn over the surface of a 3D rendered animation of the Dysto Peace Plateform.


Some of the customised weaponry and other props used in filming - most of this was purchased from £1 shops!


Alternative model Wanderlust had a cameo part as a Dysto Plc lab technician


Moving away from animation and directing real people in studios was certainly a step or two outside of my comfort zone (especially when wearing a silly costume myself!) I had to shout "action!" and "cut!" and everything.


The virtual reality helmet was made from an old protective visor used for petrol strimming. I added some old vacuum cleaner parts and LEDs and painted it black.


At the official video premiere night in London, 29th September 2012 - with Non-Bio collaborator and video co-star Kin 242


The crowd gathers for the start of the video


Err... this is the video playing on the big screen, but I didn't capture a particularly recogniseable shot of it!

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