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24th October 2012 - Mike's approval ratings soar


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6th October 2012 - Blaine Crazy

The mystical magician prepares for another incredible stunt

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23th July 2012 - Bradley Peddles Britain To Victory

The Arnold Lycheesmasher Column celebrates British sport once again

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13th July 2012 - Olympic special

Yes it's nearly time for The Games! Read about all that's going down.

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Brook at that!

15th May 2012 - Brook at that!

Latest developments from the court.

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1st April 2012 - Luvverly Jubilee

Preparations for the Jubilee festivities continue apace.

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London riots latest

21st March 2012 - London riots latest

It's the story that just keeps on giving

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19th January 2012 - The World in 2012

One extraordinary man saw the future; we look back at his neglected prophecies from a century ago.

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5th January 2012 - Heart foundation campaigns to make life-saving look less gay

It was only a matter of time before we made front page news on!

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