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20th December 2011 - The 100th anniversary of Newsquelch

It's difficult to believe that newsquelch has been bringing you news for the last century but it's absolutely true! Join in the celebrations here.

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14th November 2011 - Man Behaving Badly

We take a look at the sordid world of TV star Morrissey

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8th November 2011 - The end of the world as we know it

The outlook is bleak with the Eurozone debt crisis and all, but things could still be worse - and indeed they almost certainly will be.

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24th October 2011 - Science News

We look at science

Come on, look at science

11th October 2011 - Sandwich granted protection under the European "Protected designation of origin" laws

Once again the European lawmakers go mad

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20th September 2011 - Exam questions

We lift the lid on A level exams

Please turn over

30th August 2011 - Statue for sale

Latest cheap jibes on the situation.

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22nd August 2011 - Latest Analysis

We examinise what's going on.

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10th August 2011 - Riot News

Great ideas for riot-themed events in your area

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1st August 2011 - The Future of Budget Flying

You know this is what you want.

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18th July 2011 - Police Shuffle

We examine the latest phone hacking developments.

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28th June 2011 - Chin Trumps

Download, playize and keep our fun card game!

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19th June 2011 - Mexican police seize drug running spacecraft

Shock discovery in the war on narcotics.

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16th June 2011 - Winner of the leadership race

No real surprises from today's announcement.

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Croydon Council

7th June 2011 - Welcome in Croydon

Informing you about "The last place you will ever want to live"

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29th May 2011 - Soggy

More from Britain's top weightloss celebbo slaggazine

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24th May 2011 - End of Daze

We won't be laughing when October comes..

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7th May 2011 - Spall & Co company prospectus

Fascinating, fascinating stuff.

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3rd May 2011 - Breaking Newsy

We take a fascinating look inside the compound - and the life - of a terrorological master villain.

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19th April 2011 - Royal Wedding Super Ideas

We explore some of the more fun ways to celebrate the forthcoming royal marriage, in an all-singing all-dancing Flash presentation.

I do!

12th March 2011 - Gaddafi prepares to extract himself from Libya

As things don't work out too well for the regime, we examine the Libyan leader's next likely move.

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28th January 2011 - Rise in jacket potato-induced auto suicide cases

Our columnist Arnold Lycheesmasher blows the lid on the latest sordid perversitude befouling our once nice country.

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17th January 2011 - Oddie vs Craven

This can't be kept a secret any longer. It's time you know the facts.

Tell me tell me tell me

12th January 2011 - Did You Know?

Did you? Well? Did you??

Following recent revelations that Bob Holness played the saxophone on Gerry Rafferty's 'Baker Street,' we delve further into the world of Fascinating Factoids.

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