20th December 2011

Yes, though it's impossible to believe, Newsquelch is celebrating its Centenary. And what better way to look back over 100 years of strictly factual news reporting, than to pull out some of the most memorable news that's squelched over the headlines during this turbulent era!






Today marks 94 years, 11 months and 27 days since the historical moment
when British and German forces famously downed their weapons and met in
no-man's land in a spirit of brotherly confusion and temporarily suppressed
racial hatred.

To make today's anniversary all the more poignant, a letter was recently
unearthed in the archives of the Imperial War Museum, written at the time
by Captain Bernard 'Guffy' McGuffin, who was serving on the Western Front
as an officer in the King's Royal Cockney Regiment of Warlingham, and
it paints a fascinating picture of life at the time.

Unfortunately, as later research showed, Guffy never did make it home to
his wife; he was court marshalled and shot the following day for affixing
the stamp to the envelope the wrong way up.





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Who knows what the next 100 years will bring? One thing's for sure: we'll be here reminiscing about it in 2111.


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