Gardner+Salnikov: Unexpected Items

In July 2015 I got together with my sometime collaborator Misha Salnikov, to record a session of improvised electronic music - a number of circuit bent devices were used that evening.

The resulting music was later released on Bandcamp as a free download and soon afterwards we began discussing possible ways to promote the album and the most logical way seemed to be making a music video for one of the tracks. In Spetember 2015 Misha and I met up in Richmond with no specific plan, just a camera and a rubber pigeon mask. We ended up doing some unauthorised filming within a supoermarket for one of the scenes, which we accomplished using this ingenious piece of camera-flage:

I spent some time afterwards playing around with the footage in post-production and decided that retro-looking wireframe 3D graphics would lend a distinctive look to the video; I achieved this through a combination of Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects.

I can't provide any helpful insight into the actual meaning of the video. The narrative came about as we improvised and could be interpreted a number of different ways.

Gardner+Salnikov album cover

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