Rocket Dude

In November 2013 The Guardian issued a challenge to filmmakers through their Witness page to create a superheor film no more than sixty seconds in length. My entry did not win but I later returned to it and made an improved 'director's cut' version with additional footage and music and improved visual effects. Here's the result:

Max O'Donoghue
Elaine Wong
Howard Gardner
Yolande Smuts
Zachary Gardner

Written and directed by: Howard Gardner
Camera: Suki Mok
Sound, editing and grading: Marius Smuts
Music: Non-Bio
Visual effects: Howard Gardner

Watch all the competition entries (including my original submission) on Youtube here:

Rocket Dude film shoot Rocket Dude virtual body double
Location filming for Rocket Dude
A virtual body double for our lead actor