Are you relaxed?


Good evening to you all. I’m here to talk about something that’s very important to each and every one of us: our life journeys. I represent the Centre For Truth, Esotericism, Spirituality, Thought and Earth Studies (TESTES) and in a few moments I will show you a film which was made by my organisation’s founder, Titus Axel Hedgebeer. Although Titus is sadly no longer with us, his film - his message - has been screened at centres in more than 400 countries around the world. Literally millions have benefitted from hearing this message and literally everybody who has watched this presentation later reported an improvement to their lives. It works by a revolutionary but harmless technique which Titus called “mind invasion” and this is what I wish to share with you now.

Ladies and Gentlemen… Are You Relaxed?



This is a newer version of the film, specially re-worked for a screening at Kino London in April 2012. If you're desparate to know what the original version looked like, click here.

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