None More Evil

I took my initial inspiration from the Guillermo del Toro movie Pan's Labyrinth; in paticular, that scene with 'The Pale Man', that tall, skinny creature with eyes in the palms of his hands. That bit always fascinated me and I wondered what else such a nasty, twisted being might get up to.

I also had some ideas about creating a 'retro-futuristic' world, filled with styles and technology that look as if they've fallen out of the 1970s. Placing these together, I sketched some sort of alien priest/scientist presiding over a bank of monitors, taing pleasure in strange medical experiments.


More notes which I showed the band as I was pitching my idea for the video, gradually fleshing out the concept with more imagery, most of which ended up being drawn from my own (not so pleasant) dreams. The band gave me various stylistic pointers along the way and I would frequently show them rushes of the project so far, from where we would decide on the next direction to take.

We were interested in giving the video a very aged feel also, with the black and white and the dark/blurry edges. I like the idea (well, sort of like it) that maybe this could have really happened somewhere, sometime, and this footage is all that survived of it.

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