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This is the home for non cartoon-based films I've made. Some of these clips may not be suitable for showing to children - I will endeavour to warn you about these ones by means of a terrifying red skull icon, thusly: Mature content!

Unexpected Items

8th May 2016 - Unexpected Items

A music video promoting a recent track by Gardner+Salnikov

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9th April 2015 - Lemons Mature content!

The new single from The Resonance Association - and it comes with a video by yours truly.

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The Resonance Association: Recursor

2nd October 2014 - Recursor

The new single from The Resonance Association - and it comes with a video by yours truly.

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After Effects Fun

11th June 2014 - After Effects Fun Mature content!

Fun with After Effects. You give a grown man software whichcan be used to make gunshots, lightsabers etc., what can possibly go wrong?

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Soho Swagger

27th February 2014 - Mox Salnikov: Soho Swagger

A music video I've shot with some surprising characters around West London.

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Passive Waves

15th December 2013 - Rocket Dude

A sixty second superhero film set in Croydon. What could possibly go wrong?

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Passive Waves

17th January 2012 - Passive Waves

I've only gone and made another music video for The Resonance Association!

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30th June 2011 - Jet

It's another competition entry! This time for the E4 'E Stings' contest.

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22nd May 2011 - Moot Close

Our entry for the 2011 Virgin Media Shorts film contest. We take a revealing look inside the mind of a south London dweller.

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1st April 2011 - Diary of a Haunting

Can I capture definitive proof of paranormal phenomena? Of course I can, it's easy!

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22nd August 2010 - Heliopause Prelude

A music video I've edited for Croydon's finest prog/experimental/ambient duo!

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25th June 2010 - The World's Wildest Venetian Police Chases

Behind the hair-raising scenes, keeping the peace with Venice's bravest law enforcers.

This has got to hurt.

13th April 2010 - After Its Purpose Is Long Forgotten

My entry for an audio/visual challenge set by Mrs Vee Recordings.

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25th March 2010 - Hypnophone

This is an old student film, which I made about ten years ago. Watch this shit, it's terrible!

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Are you relaxed?

18th October 2009 - Are you relaxed?

A short but life-affirming film, which explores the mysteries of the human mind and spirit.

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Non-Bio videos

8th October 2009 - Non-Bio videos Mature content!

You wait forever for a new film project, and then six come along together. For a while now, I've been messing around with making my own music, and here's some of the results, set to images.

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Various Interesting Books

5th April 2009 - Relate

A music video I've made for Daniel Vincent; a track from his forthcoming album This Building Is Under Electronic Surveillance At All Times. This is mostly video footage I shot around London, but also has some animated bits.

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Various Interesting Books

2nd February 2009 - Various Interesting Books

A short film about some weird art objects I made when I was younger.

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Facilities Management: Christmas

4th December 2008 - Facilities Management: Christmas

A festive episode of my FM series, exploring what might be the very best work xmas do ever.

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19th October 2008 - Facilities Management

A trio of short films, half live-action and half animated, which cebrate corporate office life. They originally started out as a string of bored emails I exchanged with Mike in 2006, but gradually expanded into these training video-type movies.

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June 2008 - Soup

A film which I made with Mike S in February 2006, while we had some time to kill in Berlin. It's rather touching, in a commercial sort of way.

Mike does a better job at keeping a straight face than I do. 1 minute 35 seconds long (it's a bit of harmless fun, really, that's all it is).

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June 2008 - Banana

Perhaps not my best movie ever, this was made during a rainy afternoon in 2003. It does retain a kind of fruity charm.

Slightly rude (but not very).

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